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Green Oil Dry Chain Wax 100ml

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Green Oil's dry chain wax is a biodegradable and vegetarian-friendly chain wax made from UK and EU ingredients. 

- Lubricates for 150+ kilometres
- Reduces chain wear and friction
- It's dry! - great for keeping trouser legs grease-free
- Suitable for all bikes
- A bottle made from 100% recycled plastic - don't be surprised if the bottle is a curious colour!

The Dry Chain Wax formula was improved in 2020, now containing graphite technology to reduce friction further. 

Green Oil dry chain wax is PTFE free

Other dry lubes out there contain PTFE and petrochemicals, some even using toxic paraffin as a solvent. They often use petrochemical wax too. Green Oil Dry Chain Wax uses bees wax within the formula. The dry chain wax is petrochemical and PTFE-free, contains no paraffin and is totally biodegradable after its life on your bike.

Part of the formula is bioethanol made from sugar grown in the EU, forming the solvent part of the formula. 

The wax is alcoholic, so flammable. 

Recycling information

Green Oil UK Limited will pay you 10p in cash for your old Green Oil Dry Chain Wax bottle. Selected retailers will refill your bottle for a 10p or 20p discount. 

You can recycle the bottle. The cap is made of polypropylene - plastic type 5 - so please check with your local authority before recycling.

Please rinse and recycle the bottle after removing the cap.


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