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Cycling Lesson with Sustrans (ecard)

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You could gift the joy of cycling with a virtual gift of a cycling lesson. 

Learning to ride a bike isn’t just about mastering the skill – it’s a gateway to adventure, freedom and a lifetime of joy! Lessons with our school officers could help children to cruise with confidence as they learn to experience life on 2-wheels, with the promotion of safety at its core. 

The difference we are making: 

He hated school, and would cry every Sunday about going. Freddy doesn’t find reading and writing easy, so it’s hard for him. 

Then, when Freddy was taught to ride a bike safely, and could ride to school, the difference was huge. He wasn’t worried about going to school anymore, because when we left the house, it was for a bike ride!"

Make a gift of a cycling lesson today and you could help a child grown in confidence.   

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Thank you for making a difference. 

When you buy a virtual gift, you're supporting Sustrans' vital work and the National Cycle Network. Whether it's for a loved one or yourself, your gift could be going towards protecting the environment and wildlife along our paths, maintaining the Network, or helping the next generation develop their cycling skills through Sustrans' work in schools. 

When you purchase a virtual gift, you're not just giving a gift; you're making an impactful contribution to Sustrans and our mission to make walking, wheeling and cycling easier for everyone.  

To send your ecard, follow the process below:

1. Add a personal message and schedule your ecard

2. Add to basket

3. Pay at the checkout 

4. Your ecard will be sent to your chosen recipient 

5. You’ll support the national cycle network 


Your donation goes to wherever it is needed most to help make walking wheeling and cycling more accessible to everyone. It may be used to protect and care for the environment and wildlife you see along the way, or ensure the next generation can develop their cycling skills and a love for the outdoors. It's a wonderful way to show your love for cycling, the environment, and UK communities while making a positive difference.

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