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Share, Respect and Enjoy the National Cycle Network

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we want everyone to be able to use the Network safely, confidently and in line with government guidelines.


Our traffic-free cycle routes can be ideal for daily exercise. 

But it’s important that we all take into account measures to curb Covid-19 while we're using them. Now more than ever, we need to:

Share the path

Respect all other users

Enjoy the Network safely and responsibly


Below are some key tips to bear in mind when using the National Cycle Network:


Before you go:

  1. Plan ahead: Some paths are narrower than others, so select those which allow you to maintain social distancing.
  2. Stay local: Avoid hotspots and select nearby routes that are likely to be quiet.
  3. Keep an eye on the time: Some routes may be busier at certain times of the day, with more people returning to work and choosoing to cycle their commute.
  4. Check your route: When planning to run or cycle a route, bear in mind whether it is appropriate for your level of ability. You might want to research the amount of hills, distance and if there are any temporary diversions.

Out on the path:

  1. Keep your distance: Comply with social distancing and stay at least two metres away from those who are not part of your household. Avoid congregating on the path and if there is space, please step aside to allow others to pass safely.
  2. Be considerate: Whether you're a commuter, student, dog walker or horse rider, there are a wide range of people who use our paths, as well as those using bikes and wheelchairs, so please be considerate when sharing the space. If you're cylcing be prepared to slow down. If you're wheeling or running be aware of those on bikes and try to avoid using headphones. If you're walking your dog on a path where other people are around, please keep it on a short lead. Our volunteers are not currently conducting maintenance on the routes, so please do not litter and take any belongings with you when you are leaving.
  3. Be Kind: Give priority and be patient with those moving at a difference pace. This may include those who are less mobile or have visual and hearing impediments, as well as small children. If cycling, please give plenty of warning when passing, as a bell may not always be enough to alert others.

If you're on a towpath:

  1. The canal towpaths can be narrow and there may be people living in moored boats, so take extra care.
  2. Stay at least two metres away from others and moored boats.
  3. If cycling, please bear in mind the towpath code and give pedestrians priority.

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