Spring Cycling Checklist 🚴‍♂️

The sun is beginning to shine a little more which means more time on the bike. Get ready for your spring and summer adventures with our essential checklist.


The sun is beginning to shine a little more which means more time on the bike. Get ready for your spring and summer adventures with our essential checklist.


Get ready to go

Waterproof cycling jacket

There are many lovely elements of spring, but in the UK we don't go very long without being rained on. These Proviz Switch Jackets, available in men's and women's sizes, are lightweight, easy to pack and great for all weather eventualities.

The fluorsecent yellow waterproof material helps keep you dry and visible on the road, while the REFLECT360 style reflects artificial light from street and vehicle lights making you more visible if cycling in the dark.

The perforated back makes the jacket as breathable as possible, while the side pockets and vents help keep air flowing between the layers. And, it's machine washable 🙌.

Check out our range of jackets.


"Fantastic jacket, the silver side is incredibly bright and white at night when light falls on it making the wearer really safe. Luminous side also really good in daylight."

Waterproof gloves

Hands are often one of the first body parts to get cold while cycling and difficult to heat back up. We've all been there - cold hands mean it's tricky to change gear and painful to brake.

Keep your hands protected from the elements with Proviz Reflect 360 Waterproof Cycling GlovesThe silicone web ensures great traction when it's raining and they're made up of three layers to improve breathability. 

If the sun comes out, they're thin and lightweight enough to pack into your bag.

Find out more about our Proviz gloves.

Getting your bike ready

Kit your bike out with a new bag

Say goodbye to rummaging through pockets while riding and say hello to the Cannister bag from Restrap. 

This cannister shaped bag is stylish and functional. It easily attaches to handlebars and comes in three colours: orange, black or khaki green.

It's spacious but compact, and 100% waterproof so it's a great place to keep the essentials (Puncture Repair Kit, Sustrans Bike Lights, multi-tool, phone, keys).

This bag is handmade in the UK and has a lifetime guarantee - a real bag for life. 

Explore our full range of Restrap products.

Panniers for longer rides

Now the sun is setting later, gear up for longer-distance rides with our hugely popular Ortlieb Panniers. With a total capacity of 40L, they are spacious, sturdy and easy to mount.

Completely waterproof, they are sure to keep your items dry, whether that be your clothing and camping gear, groceries from the shop, or your laptop and notebook for work.

The Ortlieb Rucksack Adaptor will also convert them to a backpack.

Explore our full range of Ortlieb Panniers, currently available in orange, black, sun yellow and petrol.

Already got panniers or a rucksack? Our Waterproof Bag Cover will keep your things dry and improve your visibility this spring.

"These are really fab! Not only do they make the grocery run easier, but I’ve used my bike even more now I easily carry stuff!"
Protect your bike

As you enjoy a well-deserved coffee and cake at a café, rest assured knowing your bike is on The BikeRegister.

The BikeRegister is the UK's national, police-approved, bicycle marking registration system. Join the BikeRegister by ordering a BikeRegister Permanent Marking Kit

This kit will permanently mark any bike frame with a painted or lacquiered finish with a unique BikeRegister ID. Each kit marks one bike and it won't affect the frame's integrity.

Discover our range of BikeRegister marking kits.

Where to go?

Long distance routes across the UK
Enjoy some of the UK's most iconic cycle routes with Sustrans Long distance maps.

These full-colour maps based on Ordnance Survey data show clearly mapped cycle routes on traffic-free paths, quiet lanes and roads, with easy to read contours and route profiles.

Twelve of these maps also have optional GPX files (£3) so you can plan with the map, and use the GPX to help guide the way.

Browse the whole collection.

Explore your local region

Spring is a great time to explore your local area by bike.

Our Regional Pocket Maps are a great place to start if you're looking to explore what the National Cycle Network has to offer.

There's one for every region in the UK, each showing a detailed overview of the area covered. These maps come with a suggested day ride and clearly highlight traffic-free and on-road sections of the National Cycle Network.

They fit perfectly in the back of a cycling jersey pocket, and are printed on water and tear-resistant paper.

Discover our full range of Regional Maps.

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