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Your donation helps us to continue to care for the National Cycle Network. It will support our work to improve walking and cycling for everyone, creating healthier places and happier people.

Your purchase will help achieve a better National Cycle Network for the future.

Your support will help create a Network that is safe and accessible for everyone.

You will help create places with clean air and green spaces, where friends and facilities are just a short walk away.

Cities and towns where everyone can thrive without having to use a car.

Creating more traffic-free miles

There are 5,236 miles of traffic-free routes on the National Cycle Network. 

Your support will help us to create 5,000 more miles of traffic-free paths by 2040.

Cyclists passing under a stone bridge on National Route 7
Cyclists on Quietway 1 in London
Sign for National Route 4 along the Celtic Trail
Woman on recumbent bike

Making the Network accessible

There are nearly 800 barriers on Sustrans managed land on the Network.

And it can cost up to £2,000 per barrier for removal or redesign.

With your support, we can make the Network accessible to everyone.

A better Network, for everyone

The National Cycle Network is a local asset with incredible reach, connecting people and places across the UK and providing traffic-free spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The Network has a huge benefit to the UK economy and has a positive impact on health, congestion and the environment.

Couple walking on the National Cycle Network in Glasgow
A group of cyclists using Quietway 1

Other ways to support

There are lots of different ways you can support and get involved with the work we do.

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