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Cycling in Amsterdam and The Netherlands

Cycling in Amsterdam and The Netherlands
Cycling in Amsterdam and The Netherlands

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There is no happier cyclist than a Dutch cyclist. This is not only because The Netherlands is mainly flat, but also because the Dutch enjoy the most extensive cycle network in the world. With our guidebook, we present you the very best routes in the cyclist’s paradise.

Amsterdam is famous for its cyclists and with our guidebook you’ll cycle on those routes the locals love themselves. Whether you are a novice cyclist, want to give children a safe and fun cycling experience, want to do some serious mileage or want to embark on a study trip to experience the Dutch cycling infrastructure, our second and fully revised edition of our book caters for all.

Cycling in Amsterdam and The Netherlands – The very best routes in the cyclist’s paradise features 1,064 kms (656 miles) of routes, so you can truly have up to three weeks of cycling fun; the perfect companion for one or multiple excellent cycling holidays.

The routes in the book have full connectivity with all main Dutch ferry ports, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht Central railway stations. This allows you to start cycling straight away, whether you arrive by plane, ferry or train.

300 listed facilities include:

  • Bike rentals

  • Bike shops

  • B&Bs

  • Hotels

  • Hostels

  • Campsites

This guidebook is spiral bound and fits easily in a standard handlebar map holder, with maps and directions that make navigating easier than ever before.

Additional chapters about the history of the Dutch cycling culture and the unique Dutch cycle route system make this book a must for anyone who loves cycling.

Author: Eric van der Horst

Published: Sept 2015

Pages: 164