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Bird box installation

Give a gift of care. Gift the installation of a bird box on the National Cycle Network to help nature flourish. 


Our virtual gifts are a unique way to make a difference and show your family and friends how much you care.

Bird box installation on the National Cycle Network 

Bird boxes are a life-saving replacement for natural nesting sites, particularly during the cold winter months when birds need a warm and safe place to rest. 

Many birds return to the same nesting sites year after year, building a home to bring up their young. Sadly, deforestation and urban development on these sites means precious nesting spaces have been destroyed. Birds must urgently find an alternative place to raise a family and protect themselves from predators.

Not only can bird boxes offer a chance of survival, they can help turn around the decline of bird species in the UK. You can help them thrive again.

With your gift, our ecology team could install bird boxes for a variety of at-risk species along the National Cycle Network. Birds can create a new home, finding safety once more.

What will you receive?

We will email you a personalised thank you and a digital certificate for your generous support. 

To receive digital certificates before Christmas, please order before 23rd December.


The funds raised from this gift will go towards looking after and maintaining the National Cycle Network. Installing bird boxes is just one of many activities our ecology team and volunteers do to help nature flourish on the Network.

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Ratings & Reviews

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